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HD Human QRing

HD Human QRing

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HD HUMAN QRing is available in 4 sizes:

8: 56.9 mm
9: 59.5 mm
10: 62.1 mm
11: 64.6 mm

QRing App

The HD Human QRing™ is compatible with the QRing App.

The QRing App is supported by iOS and Android.

After pairing your ring with the QRing App, you will unlock the ultimate convenience in wearable technology. This seamless integration offers advanced fitness and health tracking, providing you with real-time insights into your overall wellness. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the perfect blend of style and functionality.

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  • You can download our app straight from the App Store from Apple. Just click the link below!

  • You can download our app straight from the Google Play store from Google. Just click the button below!

  • Magnetic fast charging

    Designed to fully charge in just one hour, this innovative solution combines speed and simplicity. Effortlessly snap on the magnetic connector and watch your battery quickly reach 100%.

  • Lightweight and comfortable

    At an ultra-thin 2.7 mm and a feather-light 4.4 g, the QRing is designed for all-day comfort. Its sleek profile ensures it seamlessly fits into your daily routine, providing advanced functionality without any bulk.

  • IP68 Waterproof

    The QRing features IP68 waterproof technology, ensuring it remains durable and reliable even in water. Whether you're swimming, showering, or caught in the rain, your ring is protected and ready for any adventure.

Smooth Sleep Monitoring

🌙 Equipped with advanced sensors, the HD HUMAN QRing™ effortlessly monitors your sleep patterns by precisely tracking the moment you drift off to sleep.

💤 Through cutting-edge algorithms, it provides comprehensive insights into your sleep quality, breaking down your night into segments of REM, light sleep, and deep sleep.

📊 The QRing app offers a detailed sleep state analysis, giving you further understanding and actionable insights into optimizing your rest.

Daily Activity Tracking

👣 Effortlessly monitor your daily steps, calories burned, and distance traveled with precision accuracy.

🚴‍♀️ Seamlessly switch between exercise modes - whether you're running, cycling, or hitting the gym - the QRing automatically identifies your activity for accurate tracking.

📊 The QRing app provides a world of insights. From detailed activity statistics to dynamic data visualization.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

🩸 Measure the oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in your blood whether you're exercising, sleeping, or going about your day.

🔍 Detect early signs of respiratory issues, such as asthma, COPD, or even sleep apnea.

📊 Use the QRing app to inform yourself about your oxygen levels and compare them to normal ranges, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health.

Heart Rate Tracking

💓 Track your heart rate in real-time to understand your body's state during both activity and relaxation, ensuring you're in tune with your physical exertion levels.

🩺 Proactively monitor your heart rate for irregularities and abnormalities, allowing you to take prompt action and safeguard your cardiovascular health.

📊 Utilize the QRing app to visualize comprehensive statistics of your heart rate trends over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which finger is optimal for wearing the ring?

We recommend wearing the ring on your index, middle, or ring finger. The decision on which finger to choose ultimately depends on which one offers the most comfortable fit or aligns with your personal preference.

What is the battery life of the ring?

When the ring is completely charged, it's set to function for around 6 days with normal usage. Nevertheless, various factors like battery age, surrounding temperature, and how often it's used may affect this timeframe. Typically, you can expect about 500 charging rounds before noticing a noticeable drop in battery efficiency. Like most battery-operated gadgets, a gradual decrease in battery lifespan is normal after 1 to 2 years. Keep in mind that any battery-related replacements aren't included after the warranty period ends.

What is HD HUMAN QRing™ made of?

The HD HUMAN QRing is carefully fashioned from robust titanium and additionally coated with tungsten carbide, enhancing its durability for daily use.

How does the ring capture and measure body signals?

The HD HUMAN QRing utilizes various sensors, such as a temperature sensor, a PPG (photoplethysmography) sensor, and a motion-sensing IMU (inertial measurement unit). These sensors gather data from your finger, allowing the ring to collect important information. Advanced algorithms, developed by Ultrahuman, then process these signals to offer deep metabolic insights and a thorough understanding of your body's dynamics.